Some people say the corporate blog is dead, but they couldn't be more wrong. Don't believe me? I've got proof.

Eight years ago, the digital media team at quench had an idea for our client, Turkey Hill Dairy (makers of the nation's fifth best-selling ice cream). That idea was, you guessed it, a blog called the Ice Cream Journal. At the time, it was the only blog by a major ice cream manufacturer, and the only one dedicated solely to ice cream.

And, while the objective was a sound one — to help Turkey Hill own the ice cream conversation online and introduce the rapidly expanding brand to consumers in new markets — we were faced with some hard questions. Would we have enough material to sustain a three-entry-per-week blog on a long-term basis? Would the blog get lost in a sea of other corporate blogs, all competing for attention? More importantly, would we be able to attract a base of loyal readers and inspire those readers to interact with the brand?

We soon answered those questions, and the answers were reassuring.

Eight years and more than 1,000 blog entries later, the blog is going strong and showing no signs of subject matter fatigue. Then and now, the Ice Cream Journal offers the inside scoop on everything from new Turkey Hill ice cream flavors, prizes and contests, the people behind the brand, polls and surveys, recipes and pretty much anything related to ice cream.

As for getting "lost in a sea of other corporate blogs"? That never happened. The Ice Cream Journal stood out as a corporate blogging case study almost from day one. In fact, not long after it was launched, it was named one of the best corporate blogs on the Internet by digital media expert Mack Collier.

And, when it comes to attracting readers and engaging with those readers, that's where the blog really shines. Sure, it took a little while to gain some momentum (almost all blogs do), but it's grown from about 500 readers per day in 2006 to more than 5,000 readers per day today. Those readers aren't shy about interacting with Turkey Hill, either. Earlier this year, the Ice Cream Journal celebrated its 100,000 comment and has averaged more than 80 comments per entry. In the second quarter of 2014 alone, the blog averaged more than 200 comments per entry. (It also won a 2014 World Dairy Innovation Award in the category of "Best Brand Marketing Campaign.")

The Ice Cream Journal has evolved, too. While many corporate blogs faced extinction in the age of Facebook and Twitter, Turkey Hill's blog has embraced those new channels. It shares content (and traffic) with Turkey Hill’s social media channels, and Turkey Hill's social media channels share content (and readers) with the blog. And then there are the benefits of a blog when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO). In today's modern media world, that's the icing on the cake.

So, the next time some "expert" pipes up and declares the corporate blog dead, remember the not-so-little ice cream blog from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. It's proof that good ideas and good writing always win…and never die.