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Blending nostalgia and modern digital savvy for Lucky Leaf

By Lindsay Abayasekara on December 4, 2014

In an era of 140-character news consumption, friends lists filled with people you’ve never met, and gone-in-10-seconds photo-sharing, it might be easy to think that people have no time for nostalgia.

I, for one, don’t think that’s true. In fact, I believe today’s consumers yearn for nostalgic reflection now more than ever (even if waxing poetic about “the old days” for some Millennials means harkening back to 2003).

The folks at Lucky Leaf understand the power of nostalgia better than almost anyone. After all, nothing reminds us more of yesteryear than a well-worn family recipe or your grandma’s award-winning peach cobbler. With that in mind, Lucky Leaf reached out to the team at quench to create a holiday campaign that combined two-parts good old days with one-part modern digital savvy.

The idea was originally based around an FSI, but we took it a step further. We brought the concept into the 21st century, without losing focus of the well-traveled culinary path many Lucky Leaf consumers have followed.

The result is the Lucky Leaf “Sweetest Family Secrets” contest. The first phase of the contest — November 16–December 13 — challenges fans to submit their family’s best “secret” recipes. From those entries, 20 finalists will be chosen, and the public will be asked to vote for the best recipe during the December 29–January 24 voting period. The winning secret recipe will take home a $1,500 cash prize, plus a $1,500 baking equipment makeover.

While an FSI is still part of the promotional plan (along with email outreach and social media advertising), quench turned the Lucky Leaf Facebook Page into the star of the campaign. A contest app on Facebook allows fans to submit recipes (and will later allow them to vote for the winner). And, because we know that many of Lucky Leaf’s older fans might not be avid social media users, an identical contest app was built for the Lucky Leaf website.

Although the first round is still underway, the goals of the campaign are already being met. Younger, tech-savvy fans and older Lucky Leaf loyalists are both able to share their love of treasured family recipes. And that, as they say these days, is a #ThrowbackThursday moment worth tweeting about.

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