This new year, like every one before, Americans will stir from their holiday food comas and begin to think about eating and drinking right. What are the trends you’ll see in the early months of 2016? We’ve got some pretty good guesses.

The first is the continued meteoric rise of gluten-free products. We first spotted this trend many years ago at the San Francisco Fancy Food Show, when row after row of emerging snacks, cereals and products of every ilk began to trumpet their freedom from gluten. But this positioning shows no signs whatsoever of slowing down. In fact, so prevalent is this movement that we’ve seen foods and beverages that theoretically would never contain gluten in the first place — like distilled spirits or mashed potatoes. So sustainable is this trend that we’ve seen sales of product lines, like Boulder Brands, purchased for $975 million. This year, even the most mainstream of consumers will be well-aware of gluten-free, and even those without specific health conditions will embrace gluten-free as part of their shopping behavior.

Another health-related trend we’re spotting is the rise of adaptogens as additives. Adaptogens supposedly support the body in coping with emotional and physical stress and include such substances as ginseng and Tulsi. If they sound exotic to you now, they won’t by the end of the year. Remember when you had never heard of antioxidants? Along the same lines, we’re observing the proliferation of so-called slow drinks. After an era dominated by energy drinks, the pendulum now swings towards (non-alcoholic) beverages that take the edge off

Need a cosmetic product you can drink? Want to be thinner and younger, if not richer? Hum is an example of the rising new trend in potable beauty products. The break-out brand is well-designed, smartly packaged and swiftly picking up momentum in PR.

Last, we think this will be the year of matcha. Matcha latte, say it with me. Matcha gelato. Matcha sparklers. This super green tea is poised to own the year as a flavor profile additive with powerful health benefits.

So there — put away your leftover Cool Whip and pizza, and let the new you eat and drink your way to health. For more information on food trends from quench, visit: