Coin operated vending machines? Psshh, that’s so 2006. Today’s vending game for food and beverage brands is all about innovation, interaction and engagement. We’re talking about vending machines linked to social media that are part of larger campaigns and richer consumer experiences.

We’re talking about viral video-worthy creations like Coca-Cola’s vending machine that vended  happiness in the form of free sodas to be shared with friends and strangers. Or Nestlé’s “Chocolike” machine that dispensed free chocolate to whomever happened to be near the machine every time the Nestlé’s post got 15 Likes on Facebook.

That’s the future of vending, and that’s why quench has jumped headfirst into the vending game with the world’s first vending machine vending machine.

That’s right: a vending machine that dispenses vending machines.  

Does the world really need a 30-foot-tall vending machine vending machine? If you’ve ever tried to navigate the confusing and costly process of working with a vending partner, we think you’ll agree that it does.

You need one machine for a school cafeteria, and you need it today? Press A3 ― we’ve got you covered. You need five machines for a state fair, and you only need them for a week? No problem. Stop by with a flatbed (we’ll provide the forklift) and pick ‘em up. When you’re done, simply return the machines and pay only for the days you used them.

Snack machines, refrigerated beverage machines, chilled food machines, hot food machines, frozen food machines, those machines at rest stops that dispense weak, church basement coffee ― the quench vending machine vending machine has them all (with way better java).

And, yes, we’ve even got some of those newfangled social media-enabled machines.

For now, we’ve only got the one oversized vending machine in Philadelphia, and you’d better believe it’s got a cheesesteak vending machine in it. But, like any larger-than-life venture, expansion is on the horizon. We’ve got plans to roll out more vending machine vending machines in New York, Baltimore and Washington D.C.

Soon, our vending machine vending machines will be everywhere, looming large and proud, delivering simple and convenient product distribution solutions to food and beverage brands around the world. Yes, the future of vending has arrived … and it’s looking pretty big.