If there ever were a food to rival the versatile and creative possibilities of pizza, it would be the potato chip. And considering there are pizza-flavored chips but no chip-flavored pizzas, I’d say that’s a point for team tater.

Founded in 1822 by William Kitchiner, according to Wikipedia (bite me, college), the potato chip has transformed from a simple, deep-fried crisp to the foundation of the world’s wildest snacking dreams.

Want some baby back ribs without feeling like you washed your hands in BBQ sauce? There’s a chip for that. Have a hankering for food truck cuisine but live in the middle of a cornfield? Hanker no more. Ever prayed for a snack that tastes like everything at once? There is a God, and he’s holding All Dressed Chips.

Instead of boring you with the process of how companies make chips into these quirky flavors (just look it up on Wikipedia — once again, eat your heart out, organized educational system), I picked three especially delicious chips, taking the snack game to the next level.

*Disclaimer: I chose flavors that anyone can find at a local grocery store. They might not be the most “unique” but are easily acquirable, which affects the masses’ exposure to interesting snacks way more than a chip you can only get through some janky foreign website.


Introduced last year by the company with RRRRRRidges (you gotta say it like a sports announcer), RRRRRRuffles brought down the flavor hammer from across the border with its Canadian-inspired All Dressed Chips. I’m not going to try and describe what a chip more seasoned than a WWII Vet tastes like. All I will say is that it comes from a country whose trees bleed Aunt Jemima. ‘Nuff said.


Looking to give your tongue a flavor seizure? Taste no further than Pringles' Food Truck Flavor: cheeseburger. One bite, and you’re transported to a grungy sidewalk, holding a beef sandwich that’s dripping mustard, pickles and lettuce all over your shoes. Glorious.


With Herr’s being one of our clients, it frequently blesses us with snack care packages. Our last shipment included a bag of Herr’s Baby Back Ribs Chips. Needless to say, the office licked the bag to the bone before 10 a.m. Did it taste like pork that was slow-smoked, massaged in spices and triple-layered in BBQ sauce? Umm…you crazy? We’re talking Herr’s here. Of course it did! Because Herr’s is a friggin’ flavor psycho who’s made the EXACT chip replica of juicy baby back ribs. It’s flavor plagiarism at its best.

These are just three examples of the many chips pushing society’s snacking boundaries. So, broaden your horizons, my friends, and take a taste bud exploration into the tater flavor frontier.