No matter how much the marketplace gets flooded with deals, reminders and warning signs of apocalyptic proportions, back-to-school season always seems to take the world by surprise. This year, Musselman’s wanted to help school moms feel one hundred percent prepared to usher their kids into the classroom with fully loaded lunch boxes.CrisisMom

So, Musselman’s called on our services to make it happen. We discovered that lots of mothers actually have the whole back-to-school thing down pat. In fact, these moms are preparing for the holiday season before little Danny’s tush even hits his first period seat. This insight gave our team an idea: encourage experienced moms to share their back-to-school tips by applauding their parenting prowess.

MusselMoms Back-to-School Sweepstakes

This concept came to life in the form of Mussleman’s MusselMoms. We created a back-to-school sweepstakes, supported by direct mail coupons and in-store pieces that encouraged moms to nominate their selves or a friend as a MusselMom (aka supermom) on Musselman’s Facebook page.


The result: school prep knowledge was shared. Musselman’s product was moved. Lives were changed. (Ok, maybe that last point was for dramatic effect, but in a smaller, more practical sense it’s true.)