Football season has officially kicked off, and in true foodie fashion, we’re taking the offensive on covering P.A.’s best tailgating dishes.

Now that I’ve gotten every football pun out of my system, we can tackle (woops) the whole nine yards (yikes) of pregame pigskin cuisine (dear Lord) like a champ (personal foul on the writer, unnecessary puns, fifteen-yard penalty…alright I’m punting this paragraph).


Pierogies: It’s a staple side dish west of the Allegheny. Whether they’re homemade or from our good friends at Mrs. T’s, if you’re in the Burgh, you have pierogies on your plate.

Coleslaw: The Pittsburgh faithful love their coleslaw. On the side. By itself. Right in the sandwich. It doesn’t matter. When it comes to slingin’ the slaw, yinzers don’t discriminate.     


Cheesesteak: It’s what Philly’s known for. It’s what we do. If you’re pre gaming for the birds, you better believe the air is thick with cheesesteak deliciousness.

Soft pretzels: As if inventing the cheesesteak wasn’t enough, Philly’s also home to the soft pretzel, which can be found on practically every street corner.

Happy Valley

Nittany Lion Franks: Happy Valley is arguably the biggest tailgating sight in all of P.A. So, not just any hotdog will do. That’s why Penn State has their very own franks, thanks to Kessler’s Foods in Lemoyne, PA.

The Creamery: Where is ice cream a tailgating staple? In State College, that’s where. Penn State has their very own creamery, simply known as “The Creamery.” Needless to say, ice cream cartons are being cracked open outside Beaver Stadium around 10 a.m. — no questions asked.