Kids adorably critique BJ’s healthy new menu in these charming ads

If you want an honest food review, just ask the kids! That’s what BJ’s Restaurants and DDB San Francisco did in its new videos, which serve to highlight the ingredients in BJ’s Enlightened Entrees menu. These  items include nutrient-rich superfoods and vegetarian and gluten-free options to reach the healthier consumer.

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Goldfish crackers are set to star in some very cheesy films

As a run-up to next month's New York International Children's Film Festival, Pepperidge Farm is inviting young directors everywhere to create a short film featuring goldfish. According to Pepperidge Farm CMO Chris Foley, the aim of the contest is to bring families together through the art of filmmaking.

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How Campbell’s dusted off a century-old recipe to cook up its latest marketing idea

Each 24-ounce jar sports a replica of Campbell's original white and red label, featuring an ink drawing of two farmers carrying a larger-than-life tomato off the field. 

For Campbell's, the appeal of this is not so much in revenue, but in heritage branding. 

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Lay’s revives ‘Do Us a Flavor,’ with a twist

This year, Lay’s is reviving “Do Us a Flavor,” with a couple of new twists - along with their new-flavor idea, contestants who hope to win the $1 million grand prize are being required to pitch their ideas through a video, photo, or a written inspiration. Submissions will also include the flavor name, up to three ingredients and optional bag customization.

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These smart retail shelves tell brands all about who is looking at their products

Tech vendor Cloverleaf is launching artificial intelligence-powered digital signs that slide over retailers' shelves to give marketers insights about who is standing in front of their store displays. The signs wrap around retailers' shelves and displays digital ads that can be swapped out on the fly. Built-in optical sensors can detect anonymous information about shoppers. The technology can examine someone's facial expressions and let retailers see traffic patterns and consumer demographics. 

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Eat a Snickers or risk becoming a frozen husk of your former self, candy bar warns

When your scruffy, half-frozen future self travels back in time with a message of life-changing importance, what are you going to do? Scarf down a Snickers, of course!

-David Gianatasio

This is the new theme for Snickers’ seasoned “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” campaign. The spot, made by BBDO is sure to give a new look to the campaign, and hopefully reinvigorate it.

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Can Pizza Hut outdo itself with these sitcom-style ads from Viacom?

Running on Viacom's cable-TV networks, this campaign for the restaurant chain targets young adults, presenting folks who get their kicks by outdoing one another in various situations. The ads were created in-house by content unit Viacom Velocity and amplify the line, "No one out-pizzas the Hut," introduced last year.

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