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This Week in Advertising 11.21.16

By admin on Nov 21, 2016

Check out Taco Bell’s new tricked-out Las Vegas restaurant, the chain’s 7,000th
It’s no shock that Taco Bell is seeking a new restaurant location that’s as cool and quirky as the brand has become. This Las Vegas location will be part of the brand’s first refresh in 25 years and will include a logo refresh.
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This Week in Advertising 11.7.16

By admin on Nov 07, 2016

Clean drinking water produced by new solar panels
These groundbreaking solar panels, produced by Zero Mass Water, allow airborne moisture to be collected and harvested for clean drinking water.
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This Week in Advertising 10.24.16

By admin on Oct 24, 2016

Pepsi ups its ante on sugar, salt, fat goals
As part of its plan to further reduce the amount of sugar and saturated fat additives in its colas by 2025, Pepsi vows to produce more low-calorie drinks, with stricter guidelines on additives

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