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Forktales is a podcast that feeds the food, beverage, restaurant, and hospitality industries with insights, innovations, and incredibly entertaining stories. Each episode features an in-depth interview with an industry leader, including best-selling authors, chefs, CEO’s, creative masterminds and tech entrepreneurs. All of them have a story to tell and we’re here to help them tell it.

Hosted by Michael Pavone

Michael loves a good story. Stories about growth, innovation, beating the odds and entrepreneurship in the food and beverage world. Finding those stories and sharing them is why Michael is on top of his game as the host of Forktales. When he’s not serving as the host of an industry-leading podcast, Michael is the CEO of Pavone Group, a fiercely independent collection of nine equally fierce and focused marketing agencies.



Ep 81: Benjamin Calleja / CXO of Livit Design

Every eight hours, a new Livit designed restaurant opens somewhere in the world and Benjamin Calleja is leading that charge. As the founder and chief experience officer of Livit Design,…

Ep 80: Dan Rowe / CEO of Fransmart

Dan Rowe is known in the restaurant industry as The Chainmaker. He takes emerging restaurant brands and, along with the team at Fransmart, turns those brands into successful national restaurant…

Ep 79: Jason E. Brooks / Founder of HospiVation

Jason E. Brooks is a coach, a motivational speaker and an author with a lifetime of restaurant experience. That’s one of the reasons he created HospiVation, a leadership coaching clinic…

Ep 77: Betsy Hamm / CEO of Duck Donuts

Duck Donuts is one of the fastest growing donut shops in the nation, with 32 new locations last year and another 45 planned this year. The brand’s fresh, made-to-order donuts…

Ep 76: Jay Cipra / CEO of Broaster Company

If you live in Wisconsin and the surrounding region, you know broasted chicken and how good it is. And the only way to make broasted chicken is with pressure-frying equipment…

Ep 74: Rob Grimes / Founder & CEO of IFBTA

As the founder and CEO of the International Food & Beverage Technology Association (IFBTA), Rob Grimes spends his time forecasting tech trends and helping brands apply those trends to stay…

Ep 69: Caroline Skinner / COO of Tupelo Honey

It’s no secret that attracting and retaining high-quality employees is one of the restaurant industry’s biggest challenges. Caroline Skinner knows that. She’s also leading the way at Tupelo Honey when…

EP 21 / QSR Uncut

In this episode of Forktales, we replay QSR Uncut’s second episode. QSR Uncut is the newest podcast from the folks at QSR Magazine. Hosts Danny Klein and Ben Colley cover…

EP 13 / Tom Dufore / Big Sky Franchise Guru

Tom brings a wealth of knowledge around the franchise industry and how restaurant franchises can win the post pandemic world. In his career, he’s helped many brands scale. He’s also…

EP 06 / Ayman Kamel / Owner of 5Church

After founding 5Church, Mr. Kamel has steadfastly grown a strong culture while pushing ahead through the pandemic. His love of Sun Tsu’s The Art of War has served as a…

EP 05 / Greg Golkin / Partner @ Kitchen Fund

Greg has invested in numerous well-known restaurants. His keen eye for that magic spark and his love for restaurants and the future the industry drive his success. In this episode,…

EP 03 / Betsy Hamm / CEO of Duck Donuts

Betsy Hamm is a two-horned unicorn charging ahead at a growing brand. At the time of this recording she had been promoted from Marketing Director to COO and since that…
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