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What to know about the ban on TikTok

TikTok’s days may be numbered in the United States, but what does that mean for brands that use the channel and exactly when will the channel’s potential ban take effect?

Woman shopping for groceries in the produce section

Trends Update: The unavoidable rise of shrinkflation

The quench 2023 Food & Beverage Trends Report is chock full of insightful, impactful and actionable trends. Six of them, to be exact. We’re going to bring them all to life in a series of articles, starting with trend number one: Inflation.

People dressed a raisins running outside of a building

quench and Sun-Maid make Halloween even scarier

Last year quench and Sun-Maid took over a house in New Jersey with its raisins-on-Halloween scare. This year, we’re taking over an entire town. To do that, we’re fully embracing the running joke that raisins are the scariest of all trick-or-treat offerings.

LeBron James and Fruity Pebbles collaboration cereal box artwork

PMG and PEBBLES Cereal Teams with Nike and LeBron James

east|west marketing group (Pavone Marketing Group’s team in New York) has been working with Post for more than 20 years. That work has included the design of countless cereal boxes and other materials, but a recent project featured a partnership between three iconic American brands.

Haunted house with gravestones in front yard

Sun-Maid and quench create the scariest house in America

What’s scarier than getting raisins on Halloween? Being the house that gives them out. A new campaign from Sun-Maid and quench isn’t afraid to admit it, and we’re screaming it from the doorstep of the most terrifying house you’ve ever seen.

Atlanta skyline artwork

PMG teams with Vigor to open a new office in Atlanta

Just one month after an announcement that Pavone Marketing Group had acquired New York City-based agency Eastwest Marketing Group PMG has finalized another acquisition, this time with Atlanta-based restaurant branding and marketing agency, Vigor.


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